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latest Samsung Galaxy S10 buy in Tuvalu

Say goodbye to the 'notch' and hi to Infinity-O, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + SM-G975F Dual SIM smartphone from Samsung presents the Infinity-O display almost frame less. To help push the screen from one edge to the other, Samsung has made a laser cut in the front corner of the display to accommodate the 10 MP double-angle wide-angle selfie camera and the 8 MP RGB depth sensor. The screen itself is a huge 6.4 "Infinity AMOLED Quad HD + display. It is also certified to support HDR10 + for a cinematic experience and is designed to produce brilliant and realistic images.

The Infinity-O curved display also houses an impressive mobile security with an integrated ultrasonic fingerprint reader. Just touch the screen and the sound waves scan the fingerprint to unlock the phone almost instantly. Using sound waves instead of optics, he reads the crests and contours of the 3D finger. Furthermore, ultrasonic technology means that it will work when it is wet.

On the back of the S10 +, you'll find the Samsung professional triple camera array. Includes ultra-wide 16MP, 12MP dual-pixel wide-angle and 12MP 2x cameras. With a goal for almost every situation, Samsung has added the AI ​​to make sure it gives you the best possible results. S10 + is able to detect up to 30 scenes and automatically optimize the settings for each, as well as giving you the opportunity to play with a variety of graphic effects in real time. Do you want videos instead? Both front and rear cameras can capture 4K UHD quality, with the rear array adding support for HDR10 + recording.

With the Android 9.0 Pie operating system, this phone is powered by an Octa-Core Samsung Exynos 9820 processor and 8 GB of RAM. You can store ultra-wide images, 4K video and more on 128 GB of integrated storage space, which can be expanded via a microSD card (optional) with sizes up to 512 GB. This phone is unlocked and compatible with LTE GSM / 4G networks. Connect to the Internet and other devices with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) 2.4 + 5 GHz integrated and Bluetooth 5.0.

Android 9.0 Pie
The Android operating system integrates strongly with Google services. It is a personalized and customizable operating system, which allows you to add your favorite apps or widgets to the home screen. You can even download new themes using the Google Play Store, which offers access to millions of apps, games, books, music, movies and more. Android 9.0 Pie adds a variety of predictive features, navigation changes and digital wellness enhancements that allow you to take control of your Android experience. By learning how to use your phone over time, Pie will automatically adjust some features, such as battery usage and display brightness. With app Actions, Pie uses what you learn to quickly bring you to your next activity. For example, plug in your headphones and Pie will automatically display your last playlist. With Dashboard and Timer app, Pie lets you view phone usage in detail, allowing you to set timers and reminders so you can better manage the time you spend using your smartphone.

Wireless GSM / 4G LTE connectivity
This phone is designed to work on selected GSM networks and is compatible with 4G LTE. LTE is an advanced cellular network data protocol that can speed up data so quickly that it competes with wired broadband Internet providers. With an LTE connection, this phone should have no problems with streaming HD video, downloading apps, uploading photos or anything else that requires a high-speed data connection. The phone is also backward compatible with 3G and 2G data for cases where LTE cannot be obtained. In addition to wireless cellular, this phone also offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Note: not compatible with all cellular networks. Make sure your provider uses a frequency or band supported by this phone. You can check which bands this phone works in the Specifications.

Variant Latin America / USA compatible LTE
SM-G975F is a Latin American variant of the Galaxy S10 +. To ensure that this phone works with your operator, please choose your country and manager above. Since SM-G975F is a variant of Latin America, the packaging language and default phone language may not be in English. Also, you can include a Latin American AC / USB adapter.

Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA)
Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) allows you to reduce mobile phone costs when traveling while connected. Having two slots for active SIM cards means that both SIM cards have dedicated modems and are always active. Once you have installed the SIM cards, you will be able to receive phone calls and text messages from both at the same time. You can even receive calls and messages from one SIM card when you actively use another. When you want to make a call or send an SMS message, you can select the correct SIM card. Only the first SIM card slot will work with 4G LTE, the second SIM slot is limited to 3G and 2G service only. Operator fees may apply.

Capture what your eye can see
Part of the triple rear camera array, the ultra-wide 16 MP lens was built to accommodate everything. With a 123 ° field of view, it is designed to capture larger images of what your eyes can see. Lens correction is also incorporated into the camera to eliminate distortion.
Scene Optimizer
The rear cameras of the Galaxy S10 + are equipped with Scene Optimizer, which has the ability to detect the type of photos you're shooting. Once a scene is detected, Local Tone Mapping automatically optimizes the settings to provide the best possible shot. With the addition of Flaw Detection, you will be warned of any defects in your images, like someone blinking.

The 30 scenes that can be detected are Face, Child, Person, Dog, Cat, Food, People, Beaches, Sky, Mountain, Sunset, Dawn, City, Snow, Waterfall, Seashore, Landscape, Stage, Vehicles, Drinks, Flowers, view on trees, green, animals, shoes, backlit, interior, text, clothes and night.
Tip shot
The integrated photo software of the S10 + is based on an analysis of over 100 million high quality photos. The result is Shot Suggestion, in which the S10 + will guide you in producing the best composition, for example by detecting if the phone is level and centered.

Additional camera features
Double opening: the rear wide-angle lens automatically adapts between f / 1.5 in daylight and an f / 2.4 aperture in low-light scenes.
Dual Pixel: helps provide bright and clear selfies that are in focus, even in low light situations.
Super stable video: the integrated predictive software is combined with the 16 MP ultra-wide camera in Full HD mode to keep your videos smooth.

Super Slo-Mo: capture fantastic slow motion videos at 960 fps.
Ultra wide angle panoramas: use the 16 MP ultra wide-angle camera to capture wider and higher panoramic images.
Self-Focusing Selfies: The selfie camera can detect faces to quickly focus on portraits.

Live Focus: Live Focus uses the dual configuration of the camera to allow you to change the depth of field and add artistic effects to selfies, such as blur, bokeh rotation, bokeh zoom and color point.

Wireless PowerShare
If your wireless device needs juice, let the Galaxy S10 + charge it. Built in the back of the Galaxy S10 + is a wireless charging pad that gives you the ability to charge other devices with your phone. Simply place a device on the back of the S10 +, like a Galaxy smartwatch, Galaxy Buds or even another Galaxy S10 phone! PowerShare is compatible with any device that can be loaded with WPC Qi wireless technology.

Note: Wireless PowerShare works with most Qi certified devices. Requires a minimum 30% battery for sharing. The speed and energy efficiency of the charge vary depending on the device. It may not work with some accessories, covers or devices from other manufacturers. If you are having trouble connecting or charging slowly, remove any covers from each device. It can affect call reception or data services, depending on the network environment.

The Galaxy S10 + is designed to offer impressive wireless data speeds, as well as reliability and practicality. The S10 +'s intelligent Wi-Fi technology is designed to switch between Wi-Fi networks without losing LTE data for an uninterrupted experience. With support for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), it can reach transfer rates up to 2 Gb / s.

Additional features
Adaptive power saving: this mode learns when and how to use S10 +, then adjusts the energy consumption of apps and features to maximize battery life.
Wireless Charging 2.0: this speeds up wireless charging with compatible accessories, such as the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad.
Dolby Atmos by AKG: The S10 + is equipped with stereo speakers tuned by AKG and supporting Dolby Atmos audio technology.
Game cooling: the steam cooling system helps prevent overheating during intense gameplay.
Water and dust resistant: the phone is IP68 rated for dust resistance and water protection when immersed up to 3.3 'deep for up to 30 minutes.
Samsung Knox: a multilevel defense to protect your information from malware and other harmful threats from the moment you turn them on.
Personalized access: you can choose between the ultrasonic fingerprint reader, face recognition, sequence, PIN or password to unlock the phone.

The dynamic AMOLED display helps reduce eye strain and fatigue by reducing the emission of blue light but without affecting the color on the screen. An ideal function for navigation and late night play.
A user interface for one-handed use
The Galaxy S10 + comes with a UI, which is Samsung's updated GUI designed to let you use the phone more easily with one hand.

Bixby routine
Bixby is Samsung's digital assistant that you can use to perform tasks and get information. With Bixby routines, you can have Bixby installation macros for different aspects of your life. You can create routines that will modify aspects of the phone to optimize it for that activity. For example, in a bed routine, you can set the phone to mute the sound and activate the blue light filter, or in a driving routine, you can automatically rotate the display and play some music.

Point the camera at an object and let Bixby Vision provide you with more information, interact with it or even purchase it. See how products appear in the real world with augmented reality; indicate a pair of shoes and buy them online or translate the text of a road sign when you travel. These are just a few examples of Bixby Vision in action.

AR Emoji
This feature allows you to use the powerful S10 + machine learning to create your own animated emoji based on your appearance and personality. Just take a selfie and the phone will follow your movements and give life to your AR emojis.
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