Saturday, August 25, 2018

LG G6 Full Vision

If you are someone who does not easily get impressed with the monotonous things around, hold on because you are in for a surprise. Amidst the cramped up segments with mobiles similar in looks and features, this new device G6 from LG brings in a cool fascinating breeze of rejuvenation. While the looks are here for you to see, the features too are the ones rambling - ‘a break from the monotony’. So, ultimately, this the break from the infinite loop that the market direly needed. Enamouring design is backed-up with features bound to make our life easier.
Design and Display

It adorns a stunning 5.7” QHD+ display. To enhance your cinematic experience, it has a widescreen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and a FullVision Display. Moreover, The the body has a IP68 rating making it a dust proof and a water-resistant device. Further, it has a design with rounded corners that exuberates elegance and leaves awestruck heads all around, wherever it is seen.

Processor and OS
Being a phone by LG - a company that has completed two decades in the arena, it is expected that they left no stones unturned. It is rightly so. Here, again it has the latest version of Android i.e., 7.0 Nougat as an operating system. Complementing it is the fast, powerful and energy-efficient Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 processor. It is a 2.35 GHz + 1.6 GHz, 64-Bit Quad-Core processor which is also accompanied with the Google Assistant and a RAM of 4GB

Multimedia and Connectivity
The sound quality it has makes it a stand-out from the crowd with a usain-boltish lead from it’s competitors. It also packed with a plethora of features that are all individually an experience by themselves. Further, the device can easily be connected to bluetooth and WiFi. Now, get ultra fast with this device as it supports 4G and 4G LTE. So, do all your video chats and Internet calls without any disturbances.
As has been the case always with phones from LG, the USP of this device yet again is the camera it packs. It adorns dual rear cameras with and ability of get high resolution photos with 13MPs. The best part about this again is the ease with which everything fits into its wider frames (125 degree). The phone also gives you the ability to record 4K quality videos. MOreover, the front camera is no less either. It is a 5 MP wide angle camera again with an ability to capture full HD videos

Memory and Battery
The mobile is has a 3,300mAh long-lasting battery to assure that you are never alone throughout the day. Moreover, it supports fast charging with the USB-C port available. Last but not the least, It has an internal memory of 64GB which is further expandable with the microSD support also available.
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